Twinkle Jam Jar Tealight Holders

Twinkle Jam Jar Tealight Holders

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today I’ve been making Jam Jar Tealight holders. What a brilliant idea on how to recycle your old jars.

This is such a simple and easy thing to do.

All you need is;

(1) A used, clean jam jar
(2) Twine (your local garden centre sells this by the bucket load and it comes in so many different colours)
(3) Buttons – Dont have any? What about all those new clothes you’ve recently bought? I’m sure if you look you’ll find a few spares in a little plastic wrapper.
(4) Scissors
(5) Tea Light

What you need to do;

First of all, make sure your jar is clean. Then, take a strand of twine and thread it in through a single button and tie it round the rim of the jar. I did this about 3 times and added a few empty stands to cover the rim of the jar. Then, add your tea light and VOILA! Its as simple as that!

Give it a go yourself. I used scented tea lights and they smell amazing!

{N.B. More Jam Jar creations to follow…}


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