Eco Soy Wax Candles

Want to find a cheap but lovingly made Christmas present this year?

Why not try making an Eco Soy Wax Candle.

These are so easy and simple to make

All you need is

1) Soy Wax (have a look on eBay where you can buy it in various sized bags)
2) An old milk saucepan. (Don’t try using your mums best pan as the wax residue will no doubt spoil your Sunday roast -but you want to make sure you have a pan with a lip on it which will help pour the melted wax)
3) Wicks. Make sure you find the right wick for the type of wax you decide to use
4) A jar – I’ve decided to use the Jam Jars from one of my previous posts.
5) Candle Scent. I picked up a gorgeous fragrance called “Home Sweet Home”
6) A hand held whisk. You’ll need to stir the wax as its melting
7) Newspaper – you don’t want wax all over your kitchen worktop!

What you need to do

Firstly, I stuck a wick in each Jam Jar with a little super glue. You’ll thank yourself for doing this later as once the wax has been poured, the wick will want to float and move around.

Pop enough wax into the pan to fill both jars, you don’t have to be too precise with your measurements. I played it by ear and added a little more wax if I thought I needed it.

Put the pan on a low heat. You don’t want to boil the wax! Make sure you keep stirring until it becomes clear.

Add a few drops of your chosen scent and stir a little longer over the heat

The next part is pouring, and you’ll need a steady hand. Pour the wax straight into the jar. The wick will be long enough to hold in place with 2 pencils or any other item that’s long and thin, I used two other wicks. You’ll need to do this as the wick will move around and lean to one side. You want it to be as central as possible.

Now all you’ll need to do is wait until the wax has set. As it was just about to set I added a few sprinkles of glitter at the top for extra decoration.

Here’s some photos.






Happy Halloween

So it’s that time of year when the ghosts, ghouls and trick or treaters come knocking at your door.

For me, the best part about Halloween has to be decorating pumpkins.

Here are two “Munchkin Pumpkins” I found at my local supermarket. I thought it would be a great idea to mix things up and take a different angle by making them look pretty… And not scary ….



Varnishing your Rings

I’m sure, like me, you’ve experienced green marks left around your finger when taking off gold costume rings.
To help prevent this and, to help stop discolouring the ring, try applying clear nail polish to the inside of each ring. Such a clever little trick.


Twinkle Jam Jar Tealight Holders

Twinkle Jam Jar Tealight Holders

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today I’ve been making Jam Jar Tealight holders. What a brilliant idea on how to recycle your old jars.

This is such a simple and easy thing to do.

All you need is;

(1) A used, clean jam jar
(2) Twine (your local garden centre sells this by the bucket load and it comes in so many different colours)
(3) Buttons – Dont have any? What about all those new clothes you’ve recently bought? I’m sure if you look you’ll find a few spares in a little plastic wrapper.
(4) Scissors
(5) Tea Light

What you need to do;

First of all, make sure your jar is clean. Then, take a strand of twine and thread it in through a single button and tie it round the rim of the jar. I did this about 3 times and added a few empty stands to cover the rim of the jar. Then, add your tea light and VOILA! Its as simple as that!

Give it a go yourself. I used scented tea lights and they smell amazing!

{N.B. More Jam Jar creations to follow…}

My Sharpie Mug

I’d seen a few people do this and I just had to give it a go myself. What a fun way to customise your own mug.

But what was I going to write…?

I decided to use the quote ’We’ll Always Have Paris’ from the film ‘Casablanca’

Once I’d decided on this I practised my handwriting on a scrap piece of paper. When I felt happy with my design, I began to work on the mug.
I baked the mug in the oven at 220 degrees for 30 minutes giving the ink enough time to bake and set on to the mug.
Overall it took me 40 minutes to make and I think its such a creative, cute and cheap thing to do.

{N.B, I would choose to handwash your Sharpie Mug and not put it in the dishwasher for fear of the ink washing off. However, if the ink does rub off (which will happen over time) it can easily be fixed by writing over the faded ink and popping back in the oven.}

Give it a go for yourself!